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Breakfast at the Aristocrat restaurant

A delicious breakfast is a separate holiday in life.

Every day from 08:00 to 11:00 in the restaurant "Aristocrat" a "Buffet" is served, which is available not only for hotel guests, but also for everyone.
We invite you to a delicious, healthy and varied breakfast!
See you at the Aristocrat restaurant!

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On May 15, the Aristocrat restaurant invites you to a musical evening accompanied by the sounds of a saxophone performed by Vyacheslav Galkovsky. The program starts at 20:00 Reservation +7 (911) 380-20-20 Restaurant "Aristocrat" - refinement of forms, sophistication of taste!

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The key to a delicious dessert: quality ingredients, effective presentation, excellent taste. The desserts of the Aristocrat restaurant meet all three criteria. You just have to be convinced of this by trying one of them. See you at the Aristocrat restaurant!

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