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Black halibut fillet from "Aristocrat" restaurant - Completed 31.07.2021

Thursday is a fish day and a great occasion to try halibut fillets in a foil drink served on a mushroom and vegetable pillow.

Restaurant "Aristocrat" - refinement of forms, sophistication of taste!

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Delicacy from the restaurant "Aristocrat" картинка
Lamb rack with cranberry sauce, fried eggplant, zucchini, leeks and paprika ... Sounds delicious! We invite you to try this dish with an unforgettable taste. Restaurant "Aristocrat" - sophistication of forms, sophistication of taste!

Food delivery from Aristocrat restaurant картинка
Gourmet European cuisine on your table? Yes, it's real! Order food delivery at the "Aristocrat" restaurant! Our delivery is available every day from 12:00 to 21:00. ►The cost of delivery in Pskov is 150 rubles. ►When ordering from 1000 rubles - free delivery within the city. ► The cost of delivery outside the city of Pskov (Borisovichi district,...

Banquets at the Aristocrat restaurant картинка
Wedding, anniversary, grandiose, solemn, magnificent ... This can be your banquet in the restaurant "Aristocrat". ►Individual approach to the menu ►European cuisine ►Quality of service ►Modern lighting and sound equipment ► Air conditioning system Detailed information and reservations by phone +7 (911) 380-20-20

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